Measuring and developing

The platform

As a Certified Growth Spot Professional, you get access to the Growth Spot Platform.


This platform is a ‘measurement and development’ platform that is a necessary component of the leadership trajectories guided by Certified Growth Spot Professionals. The platform allows certified professionals to manage their projects in a user-friendly admin environment. Specifically, the platform allows you to …

  • create and manage your clients and projects
  • set up the Growth Spot scan for leaders (and their teams)
  • invite participants to complete the survey
  • monitor data collection
  • generate leadership reports and make them available to participants
  • invite participants to follow e-learnings prior to the training modules

In short, this platform will be fundamental to set up blended leadership training programs and to support your project management.

What does the pricing model look like?

There are set prices for leadership reports and access to e-learning modules. This means that as a Certified Growth Spot Professional, you use the same rates to your clients as any other Certified Growth Spot Professional.

This logic extends to the platform itself where a credit system is used. This means it is fixed how many credits you need to generate a team-scan (report with input from both manager and team members) or self-scan (report with input from manager only) with the corresponding e-learning module.

As a Certified Growth Spot Professional, you enjoy a discount on the price you pay for the credits. This discount is 40%.

How are revenues distributed?

At Impetus Academy, we think transparency is important. If your client pays a fixed price for a leadership scan and e-learning module, how is that money used?

  • The further development of the Growth Spot platform as a measurement and learning platform.
  • The further development of content: measurement tools, reports, e-learnings and others. We dream that Growth Spot can become a learning environment for every employee.
  • Licenses and copyrights on the tools used. This will fund further scientific research.
  • You as a Certified Growth Spot Professional