Grounded in Self-Determination Theory, Growth Spot offers the knowledge and tools to support organizations in their leadership and organizational development.

Growth Spot consists of

  • a certification program aimed at training trainers/coaches to become a Certified Growth Spot Professional who can use the impetus360 leadership compass and the measurement tools, didactic methods and techniques based on this model.
  • an online platform to run the Growth Spot scan, generate personalized reports and give participants access to an e-learning on motivation and leadership.

What’s in it for you as a trainer?

  • You increase your knowledge of the latest scientific insights on motivation and leadership based on Self-Determination Theory
  • You get a comprehensive set of methods and materials to work on motivational themes with leaders, teams, and/or individual employees.
  • You exercise with applying the principles of Self-Determination Theory to practice by means of experiential exercises and role-play.
  • You learn to measure motivation and leadership and to report the results of the Growth Spot scan.
  • You learn to functionally use the results of the Growth Spot scan as a reflection tool in the professional development of leaders.
  • You get access to the user-friendly Growth Spot platform to easily send out and manage surveys, generate personalized reports and give participants access to e-learnings.
  • You invest in your growth as a trainer by learning to apply the basic principles of Self-Determination Theory in your training/coaching approach.
  • You develop a network of like-minded people to share knowledge and exchange experiences.

Why a certification program?

Our mission: maximum positive impact

Growth Spot is an initiative of Impetus Academy, spin-off of Ghent University. It is the mission of Impetus Academy to bridge the gap between science and practice. By bringing recent scientific insights on motivation and leadership to the field in an accessible way, Impetus Academy supports and strengthens organizations in creating more sustainably motivating working and learning environments.


In recent years, Impetus Academy has developed and tested many methodologies and tools to bring the principles of the Self-Determination Theory to leaders (and their teams) in a practice-oriented way and to set up effective interventions related to leadership and organizational development. With Growth Spot, Impetus Academy aims to share its knowledge and experiences with other professionals who want to increase their impact on organizations and employees.

Qualitative and ethically responsible services

As the exclusive licensee of the impetus360 leadership compass, it is Impetus Academy’s responsibility to ensure that the Growth Spot scan©, which includes the assessment of the impetus360 leadership compass, is implemented in a qualitative manner.


Through a certification program, Impetus Academy promises to train professionals in conducting, interpreting and providing feedback on the Growth Spot scan© in a scientifically correct and ethically sound manner. After following the training program, certified professionals are able to work evidence-based ànd with a respectful ethics sense when guiding and supporting leaders and their teams on their professional development journey.

IMPETUS 2022 - 111

Growth Spotter worden?


Wil je meer weten over het certificeringsprogramma tot ‘Certified Growth Spot Professional’? Of heb je enkele prangende vragen vooraleer je je wil aanmelden?

Op 27 juni 2023 organiseren we een infomoment waarop we je meer praktische informatie geven over Growth Spot.

Dinsdag 27 juni om 19.30 uur
We voorzien dat de infosessie ongeveer 1.30 uur zal duren.

De infosessie zal online doorgaan via Teams.
Je kan je inschrijven via de knop ‘Ik schrijf me in voor de infosessie!’. Je ontvangt meteen een bevestigingsmail in je mailbox. Een week voorafgaand aan de infosessie bezorgen we je de link naar de Teams-vergadering.

Tijdens de infosessie bezorgen we je alle nodige informatie met betrekking tot onderstaande topics:

  • Inhoud en aanpak van de opleiding
  • Werking van het online platform en creditsysteem
  • Juridisch kader
  • Wetenschappelijk kader
  • Praktische informatie en instroomprocedure

Heb je nu reeds vragen? Deel ze gerust via de inschrijvingslink.
Wij behandelen je vraag tijdens de Q&A van de infosessie.

Op de hoogte blijven?

Blijf je graag op de hoogte van Growth Spot initiatieven?
Schrijf je dan in op onze nieuwsbrief.